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Casey "Hudson Hawk" Whitmarsh awarded "Most Valuable Player" at Splatbrothers War of the Worlds III scenario game on November 2, 2008

"Lil John" Grimsley awarded "Most Valuable Player" at Splatbrother's Bunker Hill Scenario game on August 23, 2008

DBD's awarded "General's Special Service" award for Necronomicar at MPP's "Kasserine Pass: First Blood" scenario at Adventure Beach Paintball in SC/NC on 6/14/08

Davi "Coyote" Velasquez awarded Most Valuable Sportsman, and DBD and the Necronomicar awarded Most Notorious Opponent by Akara, the enemy general at MXS Siege of Stormwynd scenario played at Camp Blanding MOUT (Fl) on Feb 16-17, 2008.

DBD's awarded "General's Special Service" award for Necronomicar & Demolitions at MPP's "Guadalcanal: Written in Blood" scenario at Command Decision Paintball in NC on 9/23/07

Davi "Coyote" Velasquez awarded MVS at MXS Dark Angel on 3/13-4/1/07 at Splattbrothers in Hopewell, Virginia

Davi "Coyote" Velasquez Commander award from MXS as Horde General Threll at the 2007 Battle for Iron Forge scenario, Camp Blanding MOUT

Davi MFO

Davi "Coyote" Velasquez awarded "Most Feared Opponent" at Splatbrother's Rainbow Six Secenario on 12/3/2006 for barrel tagging the oppposing General with his own marker. Davi was a civilian hostage at the time.

Dead by Dawn awarded "Most Notorious Opponent" award at MXS Narnia at Splatbrothers, Hopewell VA on April 2, 2006.

NOCER's Vamps Scenario at Low Country PBl, 10-23-2004
DBD's Dale "Mongo" Lloyd and Rich "Tradeguy" Mark given the Award of Valor by General Jammer for their Role Playing general kill and Mongo's devastating LAWS kills.  Mongo also recieved the prestigous Most Valuable Player (MVP) Field award by Billy of Low Country Paintball and was presented a real Blade Sword replica (so cool!)


Davi "Yote" Valasquez awarded MVP (Most Valuable Player) at MXS "Old Chicago" Scenario at CPX in Chicago on June 26-27, 2004




May 25, 2003, MXS Two Towers, EMR, PA: DBD Mike "Dr. Doom" Harris awarded MVP (Most Valuable Player) and John "Stone Cold" Nowak awarded MVS (Most Valuable Sportsman)






April 13, 2003: DBD John "Stone Cold" Nowak won MVP (Most Valuable Player) at the MXS X-Com Scenario in Hopewell, VA






1/19/2003: DBD awarded "Most Valuable Team" at MXS Thunder Island in Ft. Myers, Florida





2002: DBD and AOD awarded "Most Valued Sportsmanship" at Wayne's Tanker Girl game




2002: DBD awarded "Most Valuable Team" at Blackcat's Invasion at Predator, Hillsboro, NC



DBD awarded "Most Valuable Team" at MXS MI:2001 at Camp Blanding, FL, August 2001






2001: DBD awarded "Most Valuable Team" at MXS Grendels at EMR in PA





2000: Dead by Dawn's brings in 5 flags and 950 points at the 2000 World Record Game in Skirmish, PA

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