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Team Dead By Dawn -[DBD]-

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Dale "Mongo" Lloyd

Durham, NC

Rich "Tradeguy" Mark

Gainesville, FL

Andy "Swamp Thing" Lory

Cary, NC


Mike "Repoman" McFarland

Durham, NC

John "Stone Cold" Nowak

Gainesville, FL

Mike "Dr. Doom" Harris

Durham, NC


Mike "Marksman" Marks

Herndon, VA

Scott  "Cootie" Greenough

Garner, NC

Bill "Claymore" Davis

Cary, NC

Allan "Conn" Shang

Wake Forest, NC

Barry "Godzilla" Solomon

Evergreen, Colorado

Ted "Gunslinger" Deeds

Northern Virginia


Brian "Dr. Wookie" Strauss

The Fetid Swamp, Wash. D.C.


Dave "Digital D" Tieman

Gainesville, FL


Davi "Yote" Velasquez



Denis "Icerat"

New York


Warren "Zeylor" Shang

Northern Virginia


Keith "Niterocker" Hajkowski

New Jersey

"Lil John" Grimsley


Mike "Emeril" Cawthon

Williamsburg, Virginia

James "MX" McLamb

North Carolina

Casey "Hudson Hawk" Whitmarsh

Northern Virginia

Bryan "Vader" Shang

Raleigh, NC

DBD Associate Members

Players from other teams that occassionally join us and play as DBD

(none at this time)

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