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Dead by Dawn research labs are always working on something unusual. See links below for more info.

Dead by Dawn's new Mechanized Tank, the "Necronomicar", and it's amazing Double Clip Fed Semi-Auto Cannon, "Boom Boom"

Necronomicar's Debut at Camp Blanding on 2/17/2007:

Detailed description of Boom-Boom by DBD's Emeril:

Boom Boom shooting tests:

Dr. Wookie - Viking with new Tadao Board

Devastator II - movie clip (3.6mb) from Shadowbreed at CPX

Devastator III - test firing (2.5mb) from Shadowbreed at CPX

Dr. Dooms Lab

Info on LAWS, Paint-Bots,
and other strange paintball (and non-paintball) technologies.

Second Cannon Prototype Tests
- March 13, 2001

First Cannon Prototype Tests
- February 18, 2001

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